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Orthopedic Specialty Associates offers patients the ability to have a virtual consultation with our physicians, also known as telemedicine, through which many musculoskeletal conditions can be evaluated and treated.

The process is secure and HIPAA compliant.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. Telemedicine technology is frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, specialist consultation and a host of other clinical services that can be provided remotely via secure video and audio connections.

What types of telemedicine appointments do we offer?

Our practice offers patients the ability to schedule a virtual visit for the following appointments:

  • Initial consultations
  • Follow up appointments that do not require imaging or a physical exam
  • Post-operative visits 
  • Workers’ compensation follow up appointments
  • Work status visits

How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

To schedule a telemedicine visit, please call our office at or click here to visit Orthopedic Specialty Associates Telemedicine Appointments.