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  • Continue to be pleased with the entire teams professionalism. Dr Bush takes the time to explain and ask for feedback.
    By - Pat Cook
    18-Feb-2023 04:16 PM
  • Dr. Bush and his team are very nice, professional, and helpful. I ended up with AVN in my shoulders, but it hurts the most in the R one. Anyways, I got surgery and I was well taken care of in the operating room. His team is very quick to answer your calls and concerns, fill out needed paperwork for work, and are all understanding. I'm pretty young, about to turn 32 tomorrow....and though this has been kind of an uphill battle being so young and doing PT, and this and that over the months...I would not go to another surgeon than Dr. Bush and his team. P.S. If you start having weird pain in your shoulders or whatever joints, don't put it off so long...I kept thinking my pain was just working too hard with my arms and they were sore, but it finally got so bad I decided to seek ortho help. Highly recommend Dr. Bush, and Texas Orthopedic Associates. -Savannah Wall
    By - Savannah Wall
    15-Feb-2023 07:11 PM
  • I had a terrible shoulder injury from a fall and actually had a few surgeries prior to seeing Dr.Bush. I had absolutely no useful left shoulder and arm as all of my tendons were severally torn. Dr.Bush replaced my shoulder and really gave me my life back. After therapy I returned to work and have full use of my left arm again. Nearly 4 years now and my shoulder is doing great!!! ~Rick Clark
    By - Rick Clark
    01-Jun-2021 03:40 AM
  • “Dr. Bush and his team at OSA were absolutely amazing!!! I have recommended them to so many friends and family members, and will continue to do so. Their office got me in for an appointment the day I landed from Colorado, 1 hour after my appointment I was having my MRI, and that same night they were on the phone with me discussing my results and the surgery plan. And this was a FRIDAY! I had 2 surgeries with Dr. Bush and one year later it is like it never happened. My physical therapy team and primary doctor have been amazed at my progress; I think Dr. Bush’s surgical skills in addition to his close follow up and hands on management is what makes the difference between a good and a great surgeon. He worked very closely with my rehab team, and the second anything seemed to stall they were collaborating together to develop a new plan.
    If you want someone who is extremely intelligent and up to date with the latest surgery techniques and evidenced based practice, but also has an amazing bedside manner, I highly recommend Dr. Bush and his team at OSA.”
    By - Shayna
  • “Awesome balance between legitimate medical procedures and allowing body to heal . Skilled in determining which is best.”
    By - Brad Inge
  • “I have never experienced such a well run, professional staff! Greeted when entering office, minimal wait, clean office, Dr. Bush along with his PA took time to answer questions and explain options. I will definitely return if other problems arise and I will 100% recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you so much for providing a visit that I actually looked forward too!”
    By - Christy K. in Granbury
  • “Went in on a Friday, with a locked knee. Found out I had a rare condition called osteochondritis dissecans. We discussed the surgery and all possibilities. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. Went in for surgery on Tuesday after labor day and am now approaching week five of recovery. Very happy with the whole experience! +my scars look really good!”
  • “I was sent to Dr. Bush by my surgeon after my rotator cuff surgery kept me in constant pain. He thought of several things to do to find out the cause of the pain. When I went back to my surgeon to ask his advice, he told me I shuld let Dr. Bush continue. Right now, I am evaluating the four choices he outlined, and hope I can select the best one. I don't think I could do any better. He is strictly honest and straightforward. I appreciate that. ”
    By - Pat
  • “Dr. Bush did shoulder replacement for me, and I could not be more please. I now have great range of motion. He is personable and informative which gave me confidence about having the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Bush. ”

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